Your bathroom in 1 day,
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About Rebath

Re•Bath Bathroom

Rebath is a unique renovation and constrution concept for bathrooms.
The patented concept of Rebath makes an old shower or bath tub entirely new without breaking off the old one.
Rebath develops a series of ready made bath and shower tubs which can be placed with exact precision in nearly all existing bathrooms. Breaking off or grinding is no longer needed. Renovation without all that irritating dust is possible now!
Completely renewing a bathroom is mostly possible in one day! Contrary to a traditional renovation you will not miss your bathroom for a long time.
Rebath only works with its own patented and long lasting products by DuraBath SSP. Rebath offers a lifelong warranty because it uses a lasting, scratch resistant and colourfast product.

  1. How does Rebath work? Rebath develops high quality bath and shower tubs which can be fitted into existing installations without leaving a trace. Just call it a tub-in-tub system.

  2. Which are the advantages of Rebath? Rebath can renovate everything in your bathroom (bath and shower tubs, tiles, walls, faucets, ...). And all this happens without breaking off or grinding, without debris or dust!

  3. Can Rebath products be placed in new buildings? Rebath products are ideal to install in new buildings or large projects, because of an exceptionally short time of mounting and the use of long lasting products.

  4. How long can't I use my bathroom? Traditional renovations may take several days or even weeks. In most cases you can enjoy your new bathroom with Rebath after just one day.

  5. Which renovations are possible with Rebath? Rebath can handle each renovation. Big or small. Simple or luxurious. Rebath is a one-stop-shop, not only delivering bath and shower tubs, but also the finishing touch with floors and wallcoverings, stylish furniture and all kinds of accessories.

  6. How long does  Rebath exist? Rebath has a 30 year international experience with millions of satisfied customers. From 2010 Rebath will finally be available in Europe.

  7. Who helps me to realize the bathroom of my dreams? Rebath advisers always give personal assistance to create the bathroom of your dreams. Technical and stylish advice are free of charge.

  8. What style can you expect from Rebath? The product lines of Rebath Europe are developed by renowned designers, such as Filip Deslee. Several styles are available, for everybody's taste. Build the bathroom of your dreams and discover the style that goes with your personality. Click here.

  9. Can Rebath change my existing bath tub into a shower tub? Rebath cannot only give your old bath tub a nice new look, but also rebuild it into an ultra modern walk-in shower.

  10. Where can I find a Rebath specialist in my neighbourhood? Rebath has a national network of excellent professionals. We work throughout Belgium without extra charges for transportation.

  11. What's the price? Everything depends on what you want, but in any case a Rebath bathroom is cheaper than a traditional one.

  12. What warranty does Rebath offer? Rebath only uses its own patented and durable products by DuraBath SSP. Using this unsurpassed, lasting, scratch resistant and colourfast product Rebath offers a lifelong warranty. Click here for a free offer.

  13. What is the price of an offer? Getting a Rebath offer is always free and non-committal. Click here.